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Getting Started


With any Intaglio Skin Care Program the cumulative use of the products provide maximum skin health with long-term results.

  • The basis of the Intaglio Program is to reduce the stratum corneum (epidermis) quickly and effectively to clear a pathway for the active antioxidants and glycolic formulations to restructure and repair damaged cell and promote healthy new skin cells.
  • During this process your skin may appear drier, flaky and slightly pink, this is completely normal and it is important not to discontinue the use of products. This is a crucial part of the success of your program and overall results.
  • Broad Spectrum sunscreens must be applied before going outdoors to protect the skin from UVR (ultra violet radiation) damage.


Glycolic Acid

The concentration, the pH and the home care program are directly proportionate to the results and the speed of the results.

The combination of these three factors and following the Intaglio Skin Principles will determine the level of therapy you provide and the speed of the results.



Product Line with Skincare Recommendations

Intaglio Product


Aging/Sun Damaged

Hyper pigmentation




Facial Body Cleanser-3

Therapeutic Cleanser


Clear Sal Cleanser-2






Astringent 8


Replenishing Toner


Beta @ Alpha Hydroxy Acid






Liquid Luffa-0

Treatment Masks 

Rejuvenating Mask


Purifying Mask





Lightening Mask

Eye Care

Ultra Moisturizer-2

Vitamin K Eye Gel

Antioxidant Boosters

Vitamin A Emollient

Vitamin B Emollient

Vitamin C Emollient

Vitamin D and E Emollient

Vitamin C & E Lip Emollient

Skin Solutions

Lightening Gel-10




Lightening Gel

Clarifying Essence





Soothing Cream

Recovery Gel




Resurfacing Gel-15


Day Protection

Glycolic Day Lotion-10


Glycolic Day Cream-10



Sunscreen Lotion


Sunscreen Cream


Protective Sunscreen Lotion

Night Renewal

Revitalizing Cream-10


Hydrating Moisturizer

Pro Collagen Cream

Body Care

Lac Moisturizing Lotion-5

Essential Body Oil

Foot and Hand Cream-10

Intaglio- etiology Cosmeceuticals manufactures medical strength skin care products for healthy, beautiful skin. Our product lines provide clear solutions for Aging Skin, Hyper-pigmentation, Acne, and Rosacea / Redness. We also produce products specifically for men. | Privacy policy | Contact Us | About Us

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